About Us

Would you like to know something about us? www.pinoybasketball.net simply delivers some news and information regarding basketball games in the Philippines.  We all know that basketball is a game for big and tall guys. But for Pinoys, who are not that tall, everybody can play basketball.

All walks of life in the Philippines have a vast knowledge of basketball. Some are just fans, others are active players, amateur or professional. You can see a make-shift basketball court all over the streets here in our country. There are also lots of league in different towns or even in a small village we called barangays, thus we have barangay league. Indeed, Filipinos love Basketball.

With this in mind, this site is built as a gift to all Pinoy basketball fans. You can find here some latest news in the Philippine Basketball Association or the so-called PBA, which is the first ever professional league in Asia. Some news in UAAP (University Athletic Associations of the Philippines) and in PBA Developmental League will also be posted here. NBA (National Basketball Association) news and updates will also be catched in this site.

We promise that we will give an accurate information as much as possible. Our articles are free for corrections. If you find some mistakes or wrong information you are free to correct us, just notify us and we will do the necessary actions. We are not all professional journalists here, so expect that there would be an article which will be written against the principle of journalism but in line with the experience of all the basketball fans in the Philippines. We are just a group of Pinoys who are basketball crazy.

Furthermore, we would like to share with you how crazy we are with regards to basketball.  We can only do this if we will express ourselves by writing in Bi-lingual, (English-Tagalog), in order to become more Pinoy. Thus, here we launch www.pinoybasketball.net.